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Hackers target DCCC:  A cyber attack allegedly perpetrated by Russian intelligence penetrated the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Thursday.

Investigators say the hackers created a website nearly identical to the site of a firm which administers donations for the DCCC, which then sent information to the spoof website.

Security experts say this hack, unlike the e-mail intrusion at the DNC, appears to have been committed to collect information on Democratic donors.

U.S.-led coalition airstrike kills 40:  Following an airstrike on Manbij which killed 45 civilians and injured 50 more, the Syrian government has written two letters to the UN demanding the body bring parties responsible for the incident to justice.

The letter also stated Damascus considers anti-terror efforts in Syria useless unless conducted in collaboration with the Syrian government.

Syria’s communication with the UN follows the United States opening an investigation into the deaths of over 70 civilians in an airstrike near Manbij in mid-July.

Turkey cancels 50,000 passports:  Following the detainment of thousands of police, soldiers and judges, the suspension from duties of thousands of academics, the detainment of dozens of journalists and the closing of 130 media organizations, Turkey has cancelled the passports of 50,000 Turkish citizens.

The latest move to prevent the escape of those suspected of involvement in the July 15-16 coup has been met with crushing criticism from the European Union and the United States.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has responded Western criticism of the post-coup crackdown, saying critics of the Turkish response are more concerned with the plotters than with the restoration of democracy.

Poll:  Majority of Scots favor remaining in UK:  Despite language from Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon indicating she intends to move forward with a second independence referendum, a recent YouGov poll reveals 53 percent of Scots favor remaining part of the United Kingdom.

The poll also indicated Scotland’s voters preferred to remain part of the UK over remaining members of the EU.

Scotland’s voters in the June 23 “Brexit” referendum chose overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union.  Brexit fueled talk of a second plebiscite in Scotland, which Sturgeon has vowed to explore.

Russia to expand number of humanitarian passageways into Aleppo:  Since the opening of several humanitarian paths allowing the escape of civilians and the surrender of militants from Aleppo on Thursday, The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced it intends on creating an additional four thoroughfares around the devastated city.

Amid an intensive bombing campaign conducted by both Syria and Russia and a U.S.-led coalition, humanitarian groups, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, have warned of a major crisis.

Since the opening of the humanitarian pathways, over 200 civilians have escaped Aleppo and an additional 90 militants have surrendered.

Russia has delivered 2.5 tons of aid and is prepared to deliver another 14 tons; the Syrian government has also established several aid stations capable of handling 3,000 civilians.


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