Trump beats Clinton in acceptance speech TV ratings

Although the Nov. 8 general election remains months away, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bested Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in TV ratings for acceptance speeches delivered on the final evenings of each party’s convention.

Trump pulled in 34.9 million viewers to eclipse Hillary Clinton’s 33.3 million.

Despite the landmark nomination of Hillary Clinton, the New York businessman drew 1.6 million more viewers to his acceptance speech.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Trump’s address drew 32.2 million from advertisement networks and an additional 2.6 million viewers from PBS.

Alternatively, Clinton’s July 28 speech attracted 33.3 million people on major network and cable stations, 3.9 million of which tuned in to see her become the first female nominated by a major party on PBS.

Despite losing in the convention speaking sweepstakes, according to a Reuters/Ipsos post-convention poll, Clinton re-gained her pre-conventions lead over her GOP rival and leads by six points.


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy Gerald Herbert/Andrew Harnik/AP/NPR]