Bill Clinton nods off during Hillary’s convention speech

For many, a political speech can be a most inspirational moment, one which can excite the nerves, stir entire crowds and motivate many to enlist into a call for action.  For others, particularly political veterans who are required to endure countless politically assemblies, public addresses are a succession of hackneyed statements which can suspend consciousness.

Hillary Clinton’s Thursday evening acceptance speech drove husband Bill to catch some shut-eye, and it was caught on national television.

While the 69-year-old ex-president is know for vigor in many other areas of his life, apparently the misty-eyed platitudes uttered by wife Hillary were not enough to sustain his interest for the duration of her hour-long speech.

Caught on camera dozing off, the former president briefly had the benefit of Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, leaning over to provide cover for the embarrassing moment.

What prompted this is unknown, but no explanation has been given. ¬†One alternative theory to his wife’s words triggering slumber is the former president was so transfixed with Hillary’s cult personality, he was engaged in a strange form of meditation.

Or, like with many others, maybe Hillary’s words just bored him out of his gourd.


[RT News] [Photo courtesy]