Anti-Kaine chants blared out by music at Democratic convention

While many Democratic officials had hoped the maelstrom which swept Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from her role as DNC chairwoman would ebb and an orderly convention would proceed, Senator Tim Kaine’s nomination as vice-president Wednesday proved the anger over DNC bias toward nominee Hillary Clinton was still smoldering.

Responding to the uproar coming from supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic officials and Hillary Clinton aides determined raising the volume of music blaring through the convention hall was the best alternative to drown out dissent.

Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) was scheduled to deliver a brief address introducing Kaine prior to a roll call vote on his nomination, but DNC functionaries chose to skip Scott’s speech in favor of a voice vote to the floor after protests and boos expressing opposition grew louder.

Shortly afterward, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH), who held the gavel, announced Kaine would be nominated by acclimation. ┬áDespite cries for a roll call vote, Kaine’s nomination passed over the boos and amid much louder music dominating the hall.

Objections to Sen. Kaine are believed to be related for his support for trade agreements, NAFTA and the TPP specifically, which are unpopular with progressives and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.


[The American Mirror] [Photo courtesy Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images via CNN]