Mentally unstable Ohio man crashes work truck through FBI gate

A contract landscaper who drove his work truck through the FBI’s Pittsburgh office gates on Tuesday morning is being charged with local and federal crimes after a police chase with city cops that ended at the entrance to the Bureau’s local headquarters.

First caught speeding and running a number of red lights, one Thomas Richard Ross of New Waterford, OH, stopped next to a pursuant motorcycle officer just outside the FBI premises.  Ross told police he had a bomb and demanded to talk to Bureau agents, then announced he was going to crash the security gate, which he did, before a steel security panel was enabled on his way in, causing the truck to jump and swerve head-on into a parking lot light pole.

After being apprehended by a swarm of officers, Ross was taken to a local hospital. Upon release, the suspect tried to evade custody while being escorted into a police vehicle.

According to the FBI, Ross posed no terrorist threat and has no connection with any terrorist group.

However, the 48 year-old Ohio man faces serious charges including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment of another person and eluding police.  U.S. attorney David Hickton also announced that Ross has been charged with federal crimes related to destruction of government property, which carry penalties of up to 30 years imprisonment and $500,000 in fines.

According to the police report filed in court, Ross visited the FBI’s Pittsburgh property last week, parking the same work truck in an adjacent parking lot.  Ross then got out of his vehicle and walked toward the security gate and loitered around the nearby wall, where he was eventually confronted by a security officer and said he wanted to speak with an FBI agent.

After being questioned and asked to show identification, Ross reportedly “became unstable and erratic,” and then “left without further incident.”


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