The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Mass murder at Japanese health facility kills 19:  A former employee of Sagamihara, Japan, health facility for the disabled attacked and killed 19 patients and injured 26.

The suspect, Satoshi Uematsu, is said to have entered the facility early Tuesday morning, committed the attack and then turned himself in to authorities.

No motive has been established for the attack, but Uematsu is believed to be an advocate for euthanasia of the disabled.

Nine men and 10 women are among the dead.

Saudis dismiss charge of aid to ISIS:  Defending his country against the persistent allegation his kingdom funds ISIS, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told Euronews his country is on the vanguard of fighting extremism.

Adel dismissed claims the Saudi kingdom supports extremism as “preposterous.”

Citing a string of ISIS and Islamist extremist attacks, Adel underlined Riyadh’s cooperation with the West in anti-terror actions and highlighted Saudi efforts to blunt Houthis in neighboring Yemen.

Sturgeon talks of independence for Scotland:  Specifying the overwhelming decision of Scotland to remain inside the European Union (EU) in a speech to Scottish business leaders and civic groups, Scottish First Secretary Nicola Sturgeon told her audience she is taking preliminary steps to separate from Britain to remain in the EU.

Sturgeon declared Scotland’s desire to protect its economic interests, free movement of labor and access to European markets totaling over 500 million people as her aim in pushing for independence.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May responded, telling Scotland the decision to leave the EU must be respected.

Turkey arrests journalists:  Following the arrest, detainment or suspension from duties of over 60,000 Turkish citizens, military personnel and academics, Turkish President Recep Erdogan ordered the detention of 42 journalists on Monday.

Permitted through sweeping power granted him through declaring a state of emergency, Erdogan is facing crushing criticism from the European Union and the U.S., both of which have cautioned Turkey against moving closer to becoming an authoritarian state.

In addition to declaring a state of emergence and new detainments, Turkey has lengthened the legal detention of those held in custody from four to 30 days.

China tightens grip over online news:  Accusing Internet news organizations of violating regulations in reporting news, Beijing has prohibited several online news sources from reporting original news on its sites.

President Xi Jinping said Chinese news organizations must love the Communist Party and work for its advancement.

Under a new proposal, Chinese government officials would join news agencies in exchange for a permit allowing sites to publish original content.

Israeli aircraft hit Syrian target:  Responding to errant fire from clashes between warring parties in Syria which struck near the Israeli border, Israeli aircraft attacked positions inside Syria on Monday.

According to Israeli military officials, fire from Syria landed near the Syrian–Israeli border with no apparent injuries.

The Syrian army released a statement saying the Israeli aircraft hit a residential area in Baath City, an area where Hezbollah, al-Nusra and ISIS-linked groups are known to clash with forces loyal to Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.


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