Sanders supporters target superdelegates at DNC Rules Committee meeting

Long assailed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as an undemocratic mechanism which aided Hillary Clinton’s quest for the White House, the goal of eliminating superdelegates by more liberal Democratic National Committee (DNC) members remains doubtful after the Rules Committee rejected several proposals to do away with the unbound electors on Saturday.

The proposals to curb the influence of the superdelegates or rid them from the Party altogether were defeated, but amid dissension, members of the committee did agree on the establishment of a “unity commission” to re-write nomination rules in the absence of a concrete agreement on the role of superdelegates.

According to the compromise negotiated between Sanders and Clinton, a 21-person “unity commission” will be impaneled to weigh potential changes to existing rules regarding party appeal.

The committee will be comprised of nine individuals chosen by Clinton, seven selected by Sanders, with the DNC picking the remaining three members.

The committee will be led by Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, a DNC official, employee at Precision Strategies and a fierce Clinton loyalist. 

A frequent critic of the Democratic Party’s nomination arrangement, Mr. Sanders’ supporters have targeted the exploitation of superdelegates by the Clinton campaign — an apparatus which allowed the former Secretary to negotiate support of over 700 superdelegates prior to the primaries.

Senator Sanders frequently chastised the DNC over the scheme, often decrying a “rigged game” favoring Clinton.


[RT News] [Photo courtesy TBS via The Daily Beast]