Wikileaks email dump shows anti-Sanders conspiracy at DNC

Amounting to close to 20,000 emails obtained by hacker Guccifer 2.0 and handed over to Wikileaks, a batch of internal Democratic National Committee (DNC) documents released Friday disclose irrefutable evidence chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and ranking DNC members colluded with the Clinton campaign to foil Bernie Sanders’ bid for the Democratic nomination.

Emails released uncover the preoccupation with which the committee and its chairwoman had with the progressive Vermont senator, a fixation that indicates an inordinate amount of time was spent monitoring his campaign.

One May 2016 email illustrates Wasserman-Schultz’s fury after MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski voiced her opinion the DNC chairwoman should step down over what Mrs. Brzezinski described as the chair’s demonstrable bias against Sanders.

Alerted to Brzezinski’s comments, Wasserman-Schultz directed DNC communications director Luis Miranda to contact the cable network and request an apology.

Shortly thereafter, addition email exchanges between a DNC official and NBC’s Chuck Todd discuss Brzezinski’s comments and ask for a telephone conversation with Todd.

It is, however, the concentration of time and effort on the Sanders’ campaign which is most revealing in this new email collection.

One email demonstrates Wasserman-Schultz’s anger with Sanders campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, for defending the behavior of supporters of the Vermont senator during the Nevada Democratic convention. Wasserman-Schultz calls Weaver a “damn liar,” and assails him for denials of rambunctious behavior among Sanders allies.

An additional email, dated in April 2016, reveals the committee’s premature conspiring on a reaction to Sanders ending his primary challenge to Clinton. Another discloses Wasserman-Schultz’s mocking tone in response to being informed Mr. Sanders admitting, if elected, he would remove Wasserman-Schultz from her role at the DNC.  Responding, Wasserman-Schultz wrote:  “This is a silly story. He isn’t going to be president.”

Further emails reveal Wasserman-Schultz referring to Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver as “an ass,” and deflecting criticism from Sanders’ consistent allegation the DNC was favoring Clinton by suggesting the he was clueless.


The favoritism which was once described as Bernie Sanders’ fanciful invention by Wasserman-Schultz is now exposed to be made of whole cloth.

The Democratic Party has revealed itself to apply deeply illiberal practices in a zeal to designate Hillary Clinton its nominee.

As for soon-to-be-former-chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s determination to position Hillary Clinton closer to the White House by availing herself of every tool to eliminate the threat posed by Senator Sanders, mission accomplished.

What appeared to be a simple coronation with few obstacles turned into a primary fight, a fight Clinton only survived because of the machinations at the DNC steered by their chairwoman.

With Wasserman-Schultz at the controls, Clinton overcame Sanders’ remarkable insurgent primary challenge, credible accusations of campaign violations and embraced the undemocratic system of unelected superdelegates to carry the former First Lady to the finish line.

Her dishonest management of the DNC now uncovered, Wasserman-Schultz will toil in well-deserved obscurity only for the moment:  Hillary Clinton and the DNC can not afford to jettison this vile partisan brawler.


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