Cops killed by firearms skyrockets from 2015

Research complied in the wake of the July 7 assassinations of five Dallas police officers and the assassinations of three others 10 days later in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reveal a 72-percent increase in deaths of law enforcement personnel attributed to firearms in the U.S.

Throughout the entirety of 2015, 18 officers were killed by firearms nationwide; as of July 2016, the number has increased to 31.

In July alone, five police officers were killed in Dallas, Texas; three were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and individual officers were shot in Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri.

Authorities are inclined to believe the recent spike in officer fatalities is related to a string of recent deaths of adult black men at the hands of police.

The trend is alarming to officials:

“It’s very concerning to see that firearms are responsible for more law enforcement fatalities today than this time last year,” says Steve Groeninger, representative with National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

While the overall statistics illustrate automobile-related deaths, totaling 26, are down seven percent from 2015 and overall deaths in the line of duty declined one percent, fatalities from firearms have increased dramatically.


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