ANALYSIS: Obama legitimizes Black Lives Matter movement

Three days following the July 7 assassination of five Dallas Police Officers, President Obama told reporters covering his one-day trip to Madrid, Spain, where he was visiting the country’s acting prime minister, Marinao Rajoy, violence against members of law enforcement injures the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group.

“Whenever those of us who are concerned about failures of the criminal justice system attack police, you are doing a disservice to the cause,” the president said in response to the Dallas attack.

“The overwhelming majority of people who are involved in the Black Lives Matter movement . . . what they really want to see is a better relationship between the police and the community so that they can feel that it is serving them,” the president added in his defense of the BLM movement.


Mr. President:  The Black Lives Matter movement is uninterested in an improved relationship with law enforcement.  On the contrary, BLM activists seek to weaken effective policing strategies and aspire to emasculate police in their bid to cross once-sacrosanct lines to create lawlessness on the streets.

Formed in the wake of the death of illicit cigarette vendor Eric Garner in New York City, the Black Lives Matter group has advanced largely on the deeply-held tenet law enforcement exists for the sole purpose of victimizing the black community in urban areas.

Justifiably criticized for its lack of goals, Black Lives Matter has little or no national leadership apparatus, does not appear to aspire to upgrade its activity above street rage, has consistently refused to exercise control over its members or renounce either anti-police rhetoric or violence, and does not forward authentic political goals.

Armed with tissue-thin evidence of alleged police brutality, BLM activists consistently take part in coarse, astonishingly fallacious, and vicious attacks on law enforcement at rallies, most of which quickly descend into riots.

Worse, the cog which drives the flywheel in the Black Lives Matter’s soulless mission is the discredited notion one alleged victim of police brutality, Michael Brown, had his hands raised indicating surrender in Ferguson, Missouri.

Although the fiction of Brown’s alleged surrender was utterly dismantled by the Justice Department report on Ferguson, it has not discouraged the BLM movement from resurrecting the “Hands up, don’t shoot” invention to bolster the group’s prestige.

That this savage lie has survived is no riddle:  In the absence of sharp condemnation in opposition to this invention from the White House, the Obama Administration and President Obama specifically, must assume some culpability for the fabrication’s immortality.

Although the president has never repeated the deceit, Mr. Obama’s refusal to confront the Black Lives Matter group for preserving an untruth only serves to further harm relations between law-abiding minorities and police in crime-ridden neighborhoods, impugns the reputation of law enforcement with anti-police agitation and enables the fanatical group to progress with a menacing plan.

Through Mr. Obama’s inertia, the group has gained ascendancy through promiscuous use of riotous overstatements describing police activity.  Vicious swipes, these statements have become the climate of opinion among a growing percentage of the black community and designate police as an ungovernable pack of licensed bandits and a danger to minority groups.  A successful narrative, it has reached gospel-like status.

What made Mr. Obama’s remarks in Spain valueless was the lack of passion in his statements:  Stumbling as he searched for words, it appeared as if his mind was addled and he was forced to offer his tepid defense of law enforcement.

At points he appeared to momentarily recuperate, but only when he returned to his favorite hobbyhorse of describing a justice system riddled with racial bias.

Since the day Mr. Obama took office, an overpowering theme of his administration has been to assail police and criticize police conduct.  From describing the actions of Dr. Henry Louis Gates’ arresting officers as “stupid” to describing Trayvon Martin as “someone who could be my son,” Mr. Obama has carefully and consistently ignored statistical evidence which clearly invalidates his long contention black and Hispanics are targeted by police.

Rejecting hard evidence which often exonerates the actions of law enforcement in fatal encounters with minorities, Mr. Obama prefers to fixate on his own rigged information to suggest minorities unconscionably fill jail cells, but ignores irrefutable confirmation minorities are jailed proportional to their crimes.

At his disuniting best and stoking up racial dissension, there would be no reason for the president to specifically mention the Black Lives Matter movement unless the group shared some liability for the massacre in Dallas.

Law enforcement already serves the public, often at great risk to themselves.  The president’s remarks in Spain and through the whole of his term signal his sympathies lie with a group which demands immunity from established civil and criminal law.

Race relations are nearing ebb and four decades of progress on race have been reversed owing in part to a refusal by the president to assist law enforcement through a powerful address to the nation on the value of recognizing the authority of police on the street and the obligation citizens have to obey lawful commands from police.

Mr. Obama’s refusal to do as much amounts to a catastrophic failure to lead.


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