Bill Kristol organizes last-second bid to thwart Trump

Although the GOP convention is scheduled to begin Monday evening with Donald Trump poised to accept the Republican nomination later this week, conservative activist and Weekly Standard editor-in-chief Bill Kristol is still pressing 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse to mount an independent bid for the White House.

Kristol followed with another tweet adding a third potential candidate, former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn.

Mentioning a possible Coburn candidacy, Kristol referred to a July 14 GOP rules committee vote which attempted to release delegates from being bound to their state’s primary or caucus rules and vote for a nominee of their choice.

By voice vote, the measure failed 112-12.

On the vanguard of the anti-Trump movement, Kristol was tirelessly labored to find an alternative to the real estate mogul’s presidential bid. ¬†Although Kristol has engaged Romney and Sasse to support his anti-Trump crusade, his efforts to¬†successfully recruit either man as a candidate have failed.


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