ISIS holds its own Olympic Games in Iraq

Departing briefly from its regular regimen of executing children for refusing to fast or watching soccer games, throwing homosexuals off the rooftops of buildings, forcing females into slavery, stoning, beheading or amputating innocents, or harvesting human organs for illicit sale, depraved terror group ISIS apparently intended to show its warm and fuzzy side by orchestrating its own version of the Olympics.

The so-called games are suspected to have been held in Tal Afar, Iraq, earlier in July.

Although it cannot be confirmed, no deaths, executions, suicide bombs, explosions or gunfire were reported.

Images posted online by reveal perverted forms of musical chairs, tug-of-war, children blowing up balloons and some variant of a celebration reflecting unity, all of which almost certainly occurred under the watchful eye of trigger-happy, blood-thirsty gunmen outside the scope of the cameras.

Images also uncover participants clothed in garments representing Western professional sports teams.

The lucky winners were rewarded not with gold, silver or bronze medals, but with bags of candy. 

Western experts speculate the “games” were held to distract those living under ISIS’ heel from the series of setbacks the blood-drenched group has suffered at the hands of the Western and Russian-led, anti-ISIS ground and air campaign.

It has been learned masked gunmen affiliated with the twisted group assembled the audience through the distribution of leaflets and a nighttime operation by masked gunmen who went door-to-door demanding locals turn out to witness the festivities.

ISIS’ days are numbered:  Since the group is unlikely to receive an invitation to the Rio Olympics, why not stage their own before they are forced to cede all their territory and their members are dead? 

Hope they had fun.


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