Obama: Hillary Clinton most qualified presidential candidate in history

After delivering a sinewy endorsement of the likely Democratic nominee in early June, President Obama fortified his commitment to see Hillary Clinton inherit the White House when he declared the former Secretary to be more qualified than any man or woman ever to seek the Oval Office.

After remaining on the sidelines during the primary season, Tuesday’s campaign stop in Charlotte, N.C., marked the first time Mr. Obama appeared with Clinton.


This coming from a man who one made the fantastic claim future generations would look back at his nomination and later election as a moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Mr. Obama made the remarks about a woman who was recently rebuked by her former employer, the State Department, and narrowly escaped a federal indictment from the FBI, and both of which delivered scathing assessments of her shadowy email practices on the same day he delivered his ringing endorsement of the former Secretary.

For those with a long memory, and there are many, Hillary may have amassed a resume over the last two decades on the national stage, but it is not nearly as impressive as both Mr. Obama and Hillary’s cheerleaders wish you to believe.

As First Lady during the scandal-plagued Clinton Administration, Hillary submitted a Rube-Goldberg health care plan to Congress, which marked the beginning of her political theatrics with frequent testimony in front of congressional committees and followed with a lawsuit filed by the Association of America Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) over secret meetings Clinton held to develop the plan.  The court eventually ruled in favor of the AAPS.

As opposition mounted from conservative groups, the GOP and insurance companies, in part through the string of “Harry and Louise” advertisements, Clinton and her husband Bill embarked on a laughable campaign to save the regulation-laden plan through a video of their own.  “B” actors at best, the couple beclowned themselves.

When the The Health Security Act was declared “dead on arrival,” and with support from a Congress dominated by Democrats dwindling, the final epitaph on her healthcare calamity was written by New York arch liberal, Senator Daniel P. Moynihan, who said:

“Anyone who thinks (The Health Security Act) can work in the real world as presently written isn’t living in it.”

Throughout the remainder of his administration, the Clintons never offered a meaningful alternative to “HillaryCare.”

So much for Hillary’s daunted reputation as a policy wonk and skilled negotiator with Congress.

Just two years later, as the simmering Whitewater case threatened to boil over, the Senate committee tasked with investigating the dubious land deal revealed long-sought documents which Hillary claimed no knowledge of inexplicably reappeared in the private quarters of the White House.  Equally puzzling to investigators and Hillary alike, Rose law firm billing records were discovered on the third floor of the White House shortly after.  Hillary shrugged.

It did not require much time for Hillary to demolish the carefully constructed meme she is “smart” or “competent” after being named Secretary of State.  Shortly after being sworn in, she embarked on a trip to Geneva to greet Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and swiftly embarrassed herself, her staff and the U.S. with a childish gift of a “Re-set” button, which was immediately revealed to say “overcharged.”

Designed as a slap at the Bush foreign policy, Hillary’s statecraft is revealed to be little more than childish gimmicks.  Much more is expected from America’s chief diplomat.

By 2011’s Arab Spring, Hillary continued to rack up disasters and cause prolonged suffering for the Libyan people: Over the objections of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Pentagon brass, Hillary advocated for an intensive bombing campaign to oust Libyan strongman Muammar al-Gaddafi, but possessed nothing resembling a post-Gaddafi plan for the country, which now lies in ruins, has virtually no legitimate government and is struggling with ISIS.

Other than mentioning Hillary lied over the bodies of four Americans after Benghazi and blamed a video instead of simply defining Benghazi a terror attack, the assault on the Benghazi compound is not worth mentioning further, unless one is curious to speculate why Clinton found the time to email her daughter, known on Clinton’s server as “Diane Reynolds,” to admit to Chelsea it was indeed a terror attack.

Clinton shares secrets with her daughter and mishandles classified information, but expects others to believe she is a first-rate foreign policy strategist.

While Hillary may have amassed a resume penetrated with spectacular titles, her resume is bereft of actual accomplishment. Upon closer inspection, the former Secretary appears more a bumbler who benefited from her husband’s national presence, a sham Democratic nomination framework and who is best described with the one word Mr. Obama did not use in his fawning endorsement:  Untrustworthy.


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