White House claims to be defeating ISIS on Twitter

Despite failing to adequately address the rise of ISIS and initially lampooning the terror group’s capabilities as rivaling a “JV team”, the Obama Administration is claiming a partial victory over the Islamist terror group in the Twittersphere.

According to the White House, U.S. efforts against the Islamist group have reduced a pro-ISIS presence on the social media platform by 46 percent since 2014.

“We’re denying ISIL the ability to operate uncontested online, and we’re seeing their social media presence decline.  Anti-ISIL audiences are increasingly vocal on social media. This only weakens ISIL’s ability to recruit, a key aim of our messaging efforts,” said Michael Lumpkin, head of the Global Engagement Center.

As part of its multi-pronged campaign against ISIS, the White House has harnessed a plan of action by uploading of images depicting ISIS brutality and oppression, as one strategy to blunt the terror group’s talent for inspiring global attacks and recruitment capabilities.

Originally written in English, cyber experts adjusted the anti-ISIS propaganda and now all material is written in Arabic.

Analytics now reveal an astounding drop in ISIS activity online:  Over the last year, an anti-ISIS presence has overtaken pro-ISIS material by a ratio of 6-1, and pro-ISIS Twitter accounts have experienced a dramatic reduction in followers.


This is our risk-averse president at his absolute worst and reveals Mr. Obama as determined to manage problems as opposed to solving them.

Worse, and laughably worse by resembling a botched circus act, only an administration as clumsy and short-sighted as Obama’s could think an online anti-ISIS campaign at any point be conducted in English.

Desperately in pursuit of a strategy to defeat the Islamic State, or even a meager triumph over them, only Mr. Obama could take a victory lap over gains this trivial in a war against an enemy he refuses to either identify or commit fully against.

Instead of committing the necessary manpower and resources to defeat ISIS, Mr. Obama prefers to fight from afar and allow ISIS to exact a monstrous toll on the Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi people.  With such a palpable lack of determination exuding from the Obama White House, it becomes clear why numerous indigenous groups in the region have rebuffed American offers of backing, opting instead to act independently or ally with Iran, owing to the fact Obama’s America is an unreliable friend.

Due to the staggering incompetence of this administration, ISIS grew in strength and threatened the whole of the Middle East. For some peculiar reason, Mr. Obama appeared only to have adequate enthusiasm to pursue a misguided policy to address ISIS’ online presence despite the fact the Internet is an expansive realm and virtually impossible to control.

Although there is no infallible answer to the mayhem ISIS has created, and the group’s impact has been extensive, a minimal approach which may provide some relief is a removal of restrictions on Americans assisting Iraqi and Afghani security forces to coordinate attacks on ISIS and a sincere political gesture created to repel Sunnis and Shias from radical Islamic ideology.

Obama has convinced himself the U.S. can defeat ISIS on the cheap and he is ill-advised.  Until adults with serious plans for crushing ISIS redeem the White House, Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi civilians will continue to suffer a terrible penalty due to to the lamentable planning of a community organizer and the social workers who surround him.


[AP] [Photo courtesy techlog360.com]


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