Wikileaks releases batch of Clinton emails

Following founder Julian Assange’s claim his internet activist organization had accumulated considerable material on likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and vowing periodic disclosures, Wikileaks disclosed over 1,000 Clinton emails on Monday.

A tweet from the internet group included a link to the organization’s searchable online archive of Clinton’s emails and noted the release┬áprecedes┬áthe anticipated Chilcot report in the United Kingdom.

A critic of the former Secretary and disapproving of a possible Clinton presidency, Assange’s latest leak revolves around emails related to the Iraq war and originate from a State Department release in February.

Shortly after posting the aforementioned tweet, Wikileaks publicized a complete list of British members of parliament (MPs) who voted to authorize the British government use of force against Iraq in 2003.

Wikileaks’ Monday revelations follow internet hacker Guccifer 2.0’s disclosure of internal Democratic National Committee (DNC) documents which tell of the DNC leadership’s steering to abet Clinton’s candidacy.


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