House Daily Press Gallery: All media welcome at GOP convention

Although Donald Trump has often had a contentious relationship with members of the media, either banning individual reporters or entire organizations from campaign events, no such banishment will occur at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland says Annie Tin.

Describing her position as Director of the House Daily Press Gallery, Tin said press credentialing for the July convention is determined by the Gallery and not the Trump campaign.

Asked if previously banned reporters will be admitted to the convention by the Washington Examiner, Tin responded:

“If (journalists) have made it through the credentialing process, yes. Because right now, we have been designated the credentialing authority.”

Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger was denied entry to a Trump event in March and later escorted from another Trump rally in June; the Washington Post was stripped of their press credentials in June and, alternatively, representatives from close to a dozen news organizations have been denied access to the candidate’s political apparatus throughout the primary season.


[Politico] [] [Photo courtesy Reuters/Brian Snyder via Business Insider]