Federal judge widens inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s contact with Foundation donors

A federal judge ruled on June 29 the State Department must turn over emails from a former aide to Hillary Clinton while she served as Secretary — part of a lawsuit filed by public advocacy group Citizens United.

The emails in question are from Hillary Clinton’s State Department aide and scheduler, Lona Valmoro.

In her ruling, Judge Rosemary Collyer ordered the State Department to hand over all Valmoro email records from the two-week period prior to 14 foreign trips Clinton took while serving at State to Citizens United, which is aiming to establish whether Clinton utilized the foreign travel to receive foreign donors at the Clinton Foundation in unrecorded meetings.

A top aide to Clinton, Huma Abedin, admitted in a late-June deposition Clinton regularly burned her daily schedules.

“Citizens United wants to know how many overseas dinners Secretary Clinton attended with Clinton Foundation donors that didn’t make it on her schedule,” said David Bossie, president of Citizens United.

Undecided at first to rule in favor of granting the release, Judge Collyer relented after Citizens United furnished irrefutable evidence of an unreported 2012 meeting in Dublin, Ireland, Clinton held with donors contributing to both Clinton’s campaign and the Foundation.

After reviewing Citizens United proof Valmoro willfully deleted memory of the meeting, Collyer granted Citizens United’s request.

The first of 500 emails has been ordered turned over by the end of August.


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