Dallas authorities: Cop killer acted alone

Declaring the city is “now safe,” Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said Friday that police officials now believe shooting suspect Micah Johnson acted alone.

Rawlings’ announcement counters earlier police assessments Johnson was one of several snipers targeting Dallas police in a Thursday shooting spree which left five police officers dead and another seven wounded.

Earlier reports suggested Johnson was one of possibly four shooters; however, Dallas police had identified one man, Mark Hughes, as a person of interest.  Hughes was questioned and later released.

Mayor Rawlings told reporters Johnson’s skill at maneuvering led police to believe he was one of several shooters.

“This was a mobile shooter that had written manifestos on how to shoot and move, shoot and move.  And he did that. He did his damage. But we did our damage to him as well,” Rawlings said.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown seconded Rawlings’ comments, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott vowed law enforcement would “continue down every rabbit trail . . . ensuring that we eliminate any other possible suspects or co-conspirators.”

Police did not disclose details on any of the three other suspects questioned, but did reveal all had been released from police custody.

A search of Johnson’s mother’s home on Friday produced bomb-making substance, rifles, bulletproof vests and ammunition.


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