Green Party presidential candidate slams Clinton over email scandal

Presumptive Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein issued a scathing statement Wednesday on the FBI’s decision not to prosecute former Secretary Hillary Clinton with felony “gross negligence” charges for her mishandling of official State Department emails.

Citing Title 18 Section 793 (f) of the federal penal code, a law protecting against the leakage of classified information, Stein said that “all the elements necessary to prove a felony violation were found by the FBI investigation,” in regards to Clinton’s use of a private email server.

“The recent State Department Inspector General (IG) report was clear that Clinton blithely disregarded safeguards to protect the most highly classified national security information and that she included on her unprotected email server the names of covert CIA officers”, the statement read.

“While the FBI is giving Clinton a pass for not ‘intending’ to betray state secrets, her staff has said Secretary Clinton stated she used her private email system because she did not want her personal emails to become accessible under FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] laws. This is damning on two counts — that she intended to disregard the protection of security information, and that she had personal business to conceal.”

While Clinton’s staff has not said the Secretary was trying to skirt FOIA requirements, emails show that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee did not “want any risk of the personal [messages] being accessible.”

Dr. Stein also addressed the reason for Clinton’s use of a private server to urge progressive voters to support her candidacy over what many in the Green Party see as the Democrats’ neoliberal ideology.

“If Secretary Clinton was conducting personal business for her family Foundation through the Secretary of State’s office, this is a matter the American public deserves to know about,” the statement continued. “As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton routinely granted lucrative special contracts, weapons deals and government partnerships to Clinton Foundation donors.

The blurring of the lines between Clinton family private business and national security matters in the Secretary of State Office underscores evidence on many other fronts that Hillary Clinton is serving the 1%, not we the people.”

Stein then took to Twitter Thursday, responding to a message by Edward Snowden who compared his punishment for breaching secret government information with Clinton’s.


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