The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Iran refuses to cooperate with U.S. in Syria, region:  Commenting on Iran’s role in Middle Eastern politics, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a gathering of university students Iran will never liaise or partner with the U.S. over Syria to resolve civil strife anywhere in the region.

Khamenei told students America remains hostile to Iran, seeks to limit Iran’s role in the region and referred to the United Kingdom as “evil” and the United States as the “great Satan.”

Seconding his remarks to students, Khamenei protested the slow lifting of U.S.-imposed sanctions and the refusal of foreign banks reluctant to engage in business with Tehran during a nationally televised address July 1.

Khamenei concluded his remarks on television by recommending students orchestrate a “united anti-American and anti-Zionism” union of students within Islam to defeat the U.S. and to utilize cyber attacks to undermine governments hostile to Iran.

Turkey open to Russia’s use of Incirlik air base to fight ISIS:  Stating a willingness to accommodate nations willing to fight ISIS, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) Ankara was prepared to open its Incirlik air base to Moscow to conduct operations against the Islamic State.

Incirlik air base, located in the Adana province in southeast Turkey, currently houses American, German, British, Qatari and Saudi air forces, which are conducting anti-ISIS raids.

Despite withdrawing some of its air fleet from Syria in March, Russia has continued to operate against ISIS from Latakia, Syria, the only base Russia maintains in the Middle East.

Child pornography epidemic overwhelms Canadian police:  Canadian news agency Canada Press has obtained a copy of an internal memo revealing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local law enforcement agencies, despite their best efforts, is lagging in their war against online sexual predators.

The memo obtained originated with Canadian law enforcement officials and was intended as a warning to the online threats to Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale.

Despite limited data available, figures on hand point to the online sexual exploitation of minors reaching “a level of epidemic proportions.”  The memo also express fears the online threat against minors is growing.

Boris Johnson will back Andrea Leadsom for British PM:  Former London Mayor Boris Johnson formally endorsed Minister of Energy Andrea Leadsom in her bid to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday.

Johnson said Leadsom was a woman of “zap, drive and determination.”

A passionate supporter of the “Leave” campaign, Leadsom survived the first round of Tory leadership elections, taking the second-highest number of votes over rivals Stephen Crabb, who dropped his bid, and Liam Fox, who was ousted after receiving only 34 votes from Tory MPs.

Leadsom, who earned support from 66 Tories in this morning’s vote, trails favorite Home Secretary Theresa May, who dominated with 165 Tory supporters.  Michael Gove, in third place, earned 48 votes.

Suicide bomber strikes Prophets Mosque in Saudi Arabia:  The tranquility of the final night of Ramadan was ruptured by an explosion which rocked the Prophets Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia, one of the holiest shrines in Islam.

Four security officers were killed and five were injured; the suicide bomber was also reported killed.

Although no groups claimed responsibility for the bombing, authorities suspect ISIS was the perpetrator.

The second mosque ever built, the prophet Mohammed’s burial place is located on the grounds of the mosque, under a section called the Green Dome.  No damage was reported to the grave.


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