White House: Cabinet members won’t speak at Democratic Convention

Despite dedicating part of his final days in the Oval Office with constant attacks on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, President Obama has imposed a ban on cabinet members from addressing the Democratic National Convention in July at Philadelphia.

“This is largely an effort to delineate as clearly as possible the public, official governing responsibilities we have at the White House, and separate that from politics,” press secretary Josh Earnest told the New York Times.

According to sources near the White House, the order was given by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDouough.

The ban comes amid speculation two sitting cabinet members, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julián Castro and Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, are widely considered to be among Hillary Clinton’s choices for a running mate atop the Democratic presidential ticket.

Statutes forbid high-ranking U.S. officials from participating officially in party activities; however, they are allowed in a non-official capacity and at their own expense.

HUD Secretary Castro and Labor Secretary Perez have expressed public support of Clinton in the 2016 election cycle, but in an unofficial capacity.


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