Hillary Clinton: Bill’s meeting with AG Lynch a “chance” encounter

Despite widespread condemnation from the GOP and raised eyebrows from the White House, Hillary Clinton has described the June 28 half-hour, closed-door meeting at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport between her husband and Attorney General Loretta Lynch a “chance meeting at an airport tarmac.”

Mrs. Clinton also stated the meeting was “very social,” but declined to say it was inappropriate, repeatedly characterizing it as “chance” and issues related to the ongoing FBI investigation of her private server never arose.

“Both of their planes, as I understand it, were landing on the same tarmac at about the same time, and the Attorney General’s husband was there, they said hello, they talked about grandkids, which is very much on our minds these days, golf, their mutual friend, former Attorney General Janet Reno, it was purely social,” Clinton told NBC’s Chuck Todd.

Asked if Bill Clinton could have used better judgement in light of possible conflict of interest, Hillary replied:

“Well, I think hindsight’s 20/20. Both the attorney general and my husband have said that they wouldn’t do it again even though it was, from all accounts that I have heard and seen, an exchange of pleasantries. But obviously, no one wants to see any untoward conclusions drawn, and they said they would not do it again.”

Uh huh…………….

[RT News] [Photo courtesy dcgazette.com]