FBI passes on indicting Hillary Clinton over mishandled emails

While painting a distressing image of Hillary Clinton’s handling of “Top Secret” information on an unauthorized private email server when serving as Secretary of State, FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday the presumptive Democratic nominee will not face charges for mishandling sensitive information.

“As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case,” Comey told reporters in Washington.

In the FBI’s official statement, Comey described Clinton’s management of material on her private server as “extremely careless,” revealing 110 emails contained classified material at the time they were sent or received and an additional 2,000 sent or received were later raised in security classification status after review.

Similarly, Comey revealed the FBI investigation uncovered thousands of emails not turned over to the State Department by Clinton.  Comey stated some of the recovered messages were discovered on old servers; others were retrieved through accessing email accounts of those who held exchanges with the former Secretary.

Most troubling in his portrayal of Clinton’s sloppy administration of her private server, Comey disclosed the investigation drew the conclusion Clinton’s poor management left the door wide open to foreign hackers.

Underlining the poor security devices protecting her server and making plain Clinton’s frequent use of her private email while traveling abroad caused the system to be vulnerable, the inquiry judged “hostile actors” likely breached Clinton’s system and and did so without notice.

Despite stating there was evidence of potential violations, Comey explained “no reasonable prosecutor” would attempt to bring charges based on the finding of their investigation and no evidence existed Clinton “willfully or intentionally” mishandled classified information.


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