The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Scientists:  Ozone layer repairing:  Scientists have concluded the depleted ozone layer above the Antarctica is slowly repairing.

Experts tracing progress since 2000 say the hole has reduced approximately 4 million square kilometers over the past 16 years.

Researchers state the reduction in use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) is in part to explain for the repair, but also say the reduction of atmospheric chlorine contributed to the reduction of thinning of the protective layer.

Israel closes down Hebron:  Following two fatal attacks on Jewish settlers in and around Hebron in the Palestinian administered West Bank, the Israeli government has sealed off the town and responded to a recent rise in violence by sending Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to secure the area surrounding Hebron.

Since October 2015, 35 Israelis have died in attacks; over 200 Palestinians have died over the same period.

Responding to the violence, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a reduction on tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority.

Austrian court nulls presidential election result:  Austria’s Constitutional Court threw out the results of Austria’s presidential election on Friday, ruling in favor of the Freedom Party’s petition the election’s mail ballots had been both illegally and improperly handled.

The court ruled the May 22 second-round results in which Greens Party candidate Alexander Van der Bellen defeated Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer by less than one percent saw mail ballots illegally handed out in 94 of 117 Austrian districts.  The court stated mail ballots where then opened illegally and often counted by unauthorized individuals.

A new election date is expected in September or October.

Taiwan missile test kills fisherman:  In an unusual accident, a Taiwanese warship accidentally fired an anti-ship missile from a base at Kaohsiung, a port city in southern Taiwan.

According to Taiwanese naval officials, the missile traveled approximately 75 miles and fell into the sea near the Penghu Island group and struck a Taiwanese fishing boat, killing the captain and injuring three crew members.

The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said the missile was fired by “operational error” and an investigation was underway.

Kremlin vows response to Finnish membership in NATO:  Responding to the increasing possibility Finland will accept an invitation to join NATO, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters Friday the Russian Federation will “respond accordingly” at a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in Naantali, Finland.

Putin expressed optimism dialogue with NATO at the upcoming annual summit in Brussels would produce stronger security measures to avoid conflict and praised the Finnish president for his pledge to propose NATO aircraft fly with identification transponders activated.

Baghdad bomb kills 125:  A car bomb rocked central Baghdad late Saturday, killing 125 and injuring 150 shoppers in the largely Shia district of Karrada, many of whom were celebrating Ramadan.

Although unverified, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and stated the terror group specifically targeted Shias.

Iraqi officials said a refrigerated truck packed with explosives detonated before midnight near the al-Hadi Centre and inflicted heavy damage on  surrounding buildings.

Iraqi police officials also stated the death toll was expected to rise.


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