Cleveland ups insurance plan for GOP convention

In advance for what is widely expected to be a tumultuous Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland’s Board of Control announced a massive increase in the city’s insurance policy on Wednesday.

City officials said an additional $9.5 million policy was attached to a $1.5 million increase from March’s $10 million plan.  The increases bring Cleveland’s total insurance outlays to approximately $50 million.

The precautionary move was inspired after insurance giant AON completed a study revealing the city was likely to face belligerent protesters for the July convention.

“They just kind of evaluated the risks they believed to be associated with the convention.  They analyzed the national trend of conflicts and the risks associated with the convention, and we concurred,” said Sharon Dumas, Cleveland’s Finance Director.

Cleveland’s expanded insurance policy is expected to cover additional costs incurred by any damage to public property, the cost to assist additional security and hardware and to settle potential legal claims made by those who may be arrested at the convention.

Protesters targeting likely GOP nominee Donald Trump have caused several rallies to descend into utter chaos with violence and numerous arrests.

Following protests which led to the cancellation of a planned rally in Chicago in March, protesters in both San Jose and San Diego attacked Trump supporters.  In San Jose, Trump supporters were confronted, shoved, chased and assaulted.  Police later said 18 were treated for injuries before dispersing protesters from what they declared to be an “unlawful rally.”


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