Navy admits sailors detained by Iran talked to captors

The crew of two U.S. Navy gunboats seized and briefly detained by Iran in January apparently revealed consequential information to members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to a U.S. Navy report issued Thursday.

 “It is clear that some, if not all, crew members provided at least some information to interrogators beyond name, rank, service number and date of birth,” the report said.

Among the revelations known to be divulged:  Specific features relating to the seized gunboat’s speed, maneuvering abilities and purpose of the mission in the Gulf.

Seized by Iran on January 12 after one craft became disabled on a voyage from Kuwait to Bahrain and charged with “snooping,” 10 Navy personnel were temporarily held and released on January 13. According to testimony during the investigation, Iranian sailors boarded the U.S. gunboats and plundered the ships, damaging U.S. military equipment.

The report also divulged the sailors admitted they were under duress when filmed and when they spoke to their Iranian interrogators.

In May, the Navy took action against two officers, Commander Eric Rasch and Captain Kyle Moses. Rasch was the former commander of the squadron of which the ships belonged and Moses was Rasch’s immediate superior.  Both have been removed from their duties.

Said report also blamed Iran, accusing the Iranians of violating international law with the seizure of the two vessels.


[Reuters] [Photo courtesy Fox News]