Clinton White House Secret Service agent releases tell-all memoir

The highly anticipated tell-all book about ex-Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne’s colorful behind-the-scenes experiences at the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidential tenure is set to be released Tuesday.

Entitled “Crisis of Character”, Byrne, an Air Force veteran and former Federal Air Marshal, highlights the Clintons’ uglier private moments he was allegedly witness to in the early to mid-1990s when the former Officer worked as a security agent for the First Family.

Excerpts from the book were released to the New York Post and published over the past two weeks, hinting at outlandish tales about Clinton staffers using cocaine in White House bathrooms and a “list” the president compiled of women he met at the property’s southeast entrance before going for a jog in the streets of Washington, D.C.

While the allegations against the Clintons likely won’t have any significant negative consequences at the ballot box for the Democratic nominee in November, Byrne also delves into Bill Clinton’s White House infidelities and Hillary’s largely passive-aggressive reaction to the public embarrassment of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Byrne even goes as far to accuse President Clinton of carrying on affairs with three women at the same time, including Lewinsky and former Vice-President Walter Mondale’s daughter, Eleanor, along with a “West-Wing receptionist.”

While Hillary’s public response to the incident was famously tempered, Byrne says the First Lady was physically abusive towards her husband at times, once giving the president a black eye after a particularly heated exchange in the White House.

At a Wednesday speech deriding Hillary Clinton’s judgement and character, particularly in relation to the former First Lady’s tenure as Secretary of State, likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump referred to the allegations made in “Crisis of Character”.

Byrne also says Hillary was fascinated by Thompson submachine guns and once witnessed the First Lady at a Secret Service firing range “let loose a spray of man-stopping .45 caliber rounds into the paper, dirt and berms,” then, grinning, reloaded and fired the next round “right into the target’s crotch.”

The Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service (AFAUSSS) will release a statement Tuesday deriding Byrne’s memoir, disputing the author’s claims and questioning his motives.

“There is no place for any self-moralizing narratives, particularly those with an underlying motive,” the statement reads. “Any critique of management by one who has never managed personnel or programs resounds hollow.”

AFAUSSS president and former Secret Service supervisor Jan Gilhooly also told Politico that it’s unlikely Byrne witnessed the tawdry events relayed in his book.

“Did Gary Byrne see it the way he’s purporting to have seen it? No way. That’s a lifetime worth of events this individual saw in a very short amount of time,” said Gilhooly. “If any of the things he says happened did happen, it was told to him by a third party.”

Byrne, however, says his motivations are mainly patriotic: to keep the immoral and “unprofessional” Clintons out of the White House.

“Mrs. Clinton was a joke, taking herself and the entire minutiae so seriously,” Byrne commented. “Her ‘brand’ was her only concern. She was a faux leader, all bark, no bite”.


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