Former Trump campaign boss defends himself, candidate

Speaking to CNN hours after being dismissed as manager of the Donald Trump campaign Monday, Corey Lewandowski told Dana Bash he “didn’t know” why he was terminated, rejected talk of friction between Paul Manafort and Trump family members and said he had a “nice” conversation with Trump when told he was relieved of his duties.

Asked to respond to reports he was often the source of discord within the campaign, Lewandowski responded:

“I think I’m a very intense person and my expectation is perfection, because I think that’s what Mr. Trump deserves.”

“Leadership starts at the top, and I see what he’s put into the campaign and when I see someone who I don’t think is working as hard as the person who’s funding the campaign . . . yeah, that bothers me.”

Alternatively defending his role and praising Mr. Trump and his family, Lewandowski expressed satisfaction with his tenure at the top of the Trump effort and said he had no regrets with what he had done in the 19 months he spent with Trump.  Similarly, he described a campaign which achieved the GOP nomination with approximately 70 campaign staff in contrast the 700 on the Clinton payroll.

Lewandowski spoke glowingly of campaign manager Paul Manafort and of their relationship:

“There was no animosity between Paul and I. I know the media doesn’t want to report it, but that’s the truth.”

Of his last conversation with the New York businessman, Lewandowski recalled:

“I said to [Trump], it’s been an honor and a privilege to be part of this, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

If nothing else, Mr. Lewandowski is certainly loyal.

Watch the full CNN interview below:


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy Drew Angerer/Bloomberg via Getty Images & Politico]