Court sources say Justice Clarence Thomas considering retirement

The Washington Examiner reported Sunday that sources close to the Supreme Court say Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is considering retirement after 25 years on the highest bench in the land.

The report’s author only describes his sources as anonymous “court watchers”, who say that Justice Thomas has been mulling the possibility of stepping down from one of the most prestigious positions in federal government for some time now.

While Thomas has not responded to the accusation directly, his wife Ginni wrote a Facebook Post Sunday afternoon denying the story’s accuracy, commenting that “unnamed sources are worth as much as their transparency is.”

The denial no doubt comes as a relief to limited government advocates and constitutional “originalists” who are now relying on the election of Donald Trump to save the Court’s conservative majority after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February.

Three members of the Court are likely to retire within the next two presidential terms, two liberals and one centrist: Ruth Bader Ginsberg (83 years-old), Stephen Breyer (77) and Anthony Kennedy (80).

Justice Thomas will turn 68 on Thursday.

Washington Examiner reporter Paul Bedard, an alt-right D.C., media insider, wrote another column on Monday, June 13, predicting that if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, liberals will have a Supreme Court majority through at least the early 2040s. 

Conservatives need Thomas to hold on to his bench seat until a Republican president is elected, or else risk losing their ideological advantage by a five Justice margin.  Chief Justice Roberts, a “moderate” conservative and Samuel Alito being the last two high court judges appointed by President George W. Bush in 2005 and 2006, respectively.


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