Clinton aides rushed security clearance for Clinton Foundation megadonor

Aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hastened top secret security clearance for a major donor to the Clinton Foundation in pursuance of a position for Rajiv K. Fernando on the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) in 2011.

Fernando, a Democratic Party bundler and major donor to Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, is a Chicago-based securities trader and founder of Chopper Trading, a technology-based proprietary trading firm.

Fernando has donated in excess of $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

As expresed on the State Department website, members of the ISAB “provide the Department with independent insight and advice on all aspects of arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation, international security, and related aspects of public diplomacy.”

According to e-mails obtained by Citizens United through a FOIA request, aides to Clinton were pressured to hasten formalities to clear Fernando for membership on the ISAB.

A series of e-mail exchanged between Fernando and Clinton aides beginning in early May 2011 reveal Fernando inquiring for a meeting with Clinton. Later the same day, Clinton confidante Cheryl Mills responded affirmatively, which set off a string of e-mails between Clinton aides and Fernando or his employees to resolve specifics of obtaining security clearance for his position with ISAB.

Shortly thereafter, Fernando followed with questions regarding progress made on the FBI background check and a State executive office employee responding State had requested “interim Top Secret clearance” for Fernando.

On July 1, 2011, Fernando was informed “executive order” would be needed to grant security clearance immediately; later the same day, Fernando received his temporary security clearance and a position on ISAB.

A short time following Fernando assuming his position with ISAB, Fernando resigned amid questions from ABC News demanding to know Fernando’s qualifications for his role at ISAB. Clinton aide Mills drafted a cleverly-worded statement declaring Fernando resigned to devote more time to work.

Fernando continues to be a Clinton benefactor, hosting a fundraiser at his Chicago home in 2015.


Ah, the golden age of Clinton ethics.

This account illustrating the rewards offered by the Clintons for cash donations is yet another chapter in a long-running, cynical parable of Hillary Clinton’s values system.

While many politicians feel the need to reward donors with positions in government, many appoint the most generous benefactors to ambassadorships, most often in Europe, France or the UK being the most prized.

This, however, is Hillary Clinton: Instead of waiting for the White House in January where she could appoint accommodating donors with few qualifications to trifling positions without facing intense scrutiny, Clinton managed to negotiate a money exchange and orchestrated the appointment of an eminently unqualified man to a sensitive government advisory board.

While many have questioned her time serving as head of the State Department, a period marked by her superb incompetence and highlighted by her inaction and dishonesty over the Benghazi attack, what should inspire umbrage and further entrench the view she is interminably corrupt will only serve as an inducement for her supporters to burrow deeper and concoct further conceit in her defense.

For Hillary, a lie, scam or an airtight spin is the great accomplishment.


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