Clinton seriously considering Elizabeth Warren as running mate

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering Senator Elizabeth Warren to join her on the party’s 2016 presidential ticket.

Warren, a progressive firebrand from Massachusetts, endorsed Clinton on June 9, telling the Boston Globe she “is ready to get into this fight.”

Should Warren accept an invitation to become Clinton’s running mate, it would be the first time in American history two women headed the ticket of a major political party.

Clinton nearly wrapped up the Democratic nomination by earning 38 additional delegates in the Washington, D.C., primary on June 14.

Clinton’s win allowed her to remain ahead of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the pledged delegate count 2,219 to 1,832.

According to reports, Mrs. Clinton is not considering Sanders to join her on the ticket should she win the nomination, as expected.

Vowing to do what is needed to unify the party, Mr. Sanders pledged to help Clinton get elected, but stopped short of ending his bid for the Democratic nomination or formally endorse Clinton.

Clinton and Warren met on June 10 at the Secretary’s Washington. D.C., home, although neither woman revealed details of their conversation.

On Friday, Warren made an unannounced visit to Clinton’s New York campaign headquarters fueling speculation Warren is a leading candidate, if not the already the vice-presidential choice.

Although Clinton was not present when Warren visited, the Massachusetts progressive met with Clinton staffers, thanked campaign workers and delivered a short speech on the importance of their labor to put Clinton in the White House.

Despite the two women holding differing political positions on financial reform, trade agreements and the Iraq War, Warren is seen as essential to drawing some supporters from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party into Clinton’s corner for the November election.


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