Anonymous targets ISIS Twitter accounts with rainbow flag

Online hacktivist group Anonymous discovered a more colorful method of retaliation following the June 12 massacre which targeted homosexuals at an Orlando nightclub:  The group claims it infiltrated over 200 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and bedecked them with pro-homosexual images and the rainbow flag.

The hacker, identified as WauchulaGhost, told CNN‘s Laurie Segall his intent was to troll and mock the owners of accounts he infiltrated for their praise of Omar Mateen’s murderous rampage.

“You had all those innocent lives lost.  I just felt there’s something I could do against the Islamic State to defend those people,” WauchulaGhost told CNN.

Skillfully manipulating the accounts, WauchulaGhost inserted pro-homosexual images, links to homosexual pornography and a page which serves as a user guide to identify and halt ISIS online.


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