Pennsylvania county asks Trump campaign to pull ad with police

Despite earning endorsements from the National Border Patrol Council and the New England Police Benevolent Association, officials in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania, are not pleased with an photograph presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump took with members of the county’s police force for a campaign promotion.

During a recent stop in western Pennsylvania, Trump posed with several public safety officers, including members of the Allegheny County police force.

Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough says the image should not be used in a Trump campaign e-mail blast.

“When dignitaries are in the county it’s not unusual [for police] to be invited to take a photo with the dignitary as a sign of gratitude.  That, we understand, was the intent of this photo which was taken by Trump’s campaign staff.  We will be reaching out to the campaign to request the removal of the photo from any campaign materials or electronic items that would suggest any support of the candidate,” Superintendent McDonough wrote in an e-mail.

McDonough contends images such as the one Trump took with county police “jeopardizes the impartiality of Allegheny County Police” and that the Trump campaign did not ask permission to use the image for campaign purposes.

The Trump campaign did not respond to calls for comment.


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