Speaker Ryan to serve as GOP convention chairman

In a Face the Nation interview aired Sunday, House Speaker Paul Ryan told host John Dickerson he will serve as chair of the July GOP convention in Cleveland.

Mr. Ryan made the statement amid a week of disagreements with likely GOP nominee Donald Trump over criticism the New York businessman directed at a federal judge presiding over litigation which has ensnared Mr. Trump’s Trump University.

“I am the chairman of the Republican convention. Donald [Trump] asked me to continue serving in that capacity.

“I do intend and plan on serving as the chairman of the convention. That is what the Speaker of the House does. It comes with the job,” Ryan said on Face the Nation.

In the extended interview, Mr. Ryan also described conversations with Trump over a litany of political positions, welfare and anti-poverty measures Ryan and fellow House Republicans are working on, and stated Trump is receptive to their proposals.

Watch Ryan talk about Trump and his public relations’ issues below:


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