American public opinion turns against Saudi Arabia

Research complied by Russian online news agency Sputnik reveals a startling 68 percent of Americans favor fully or partially halting support for Saudi Arabia until Riyadh can produce evidence it does not support terrorist organizations.

Complied in collaboration with British research firm, Populus, Sputnik’s study included over 1,000 Americans aged 18-64.  

Of the remaining sample of those surveyed, 12 percent said the U.S. should remain close allies with the Saudi kingdom and 20 percent said they were not sure which path to take.

The survey follows recent discussion in Washington over whether the U.S. should release 28 pages of content from a joint-congressional committee impaneled to study the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

The 28 pages are widely speculated to contain material implicating the Saudi government, ruling family or influential Saudi citizens of close ties to or funding global terrorist organizations.

The Saudi government has heatedly denied all links to terror groups or, specifically, the al-Qaeda network which carried out the September 11 commercial airplane hijacks.

Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst with the Department of Defense says Washington continues its relationship with Riyadh largely because of Saudi opposition to the Assad regime in Syria and Riyadh’s backing of Assad’s opponents.

“Washington is bowing to Saudi Arabia, because these groups are members of the opposition that the Saudis put up to represent the opposition in Geneva,” Maloof said.

In addition to questions surrounding possible links to terror groups, the Saudi government has been assailed by human rights groups for its resistance to modernizing and embracing social equality.  Riyadh has been notoriously slow in increasing the role of women in society and oppressing religious minorities.

Similarly, the United Nations (UN) has inveighed against the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen, censuring what the the UN describes as an indiscriminate bombing campaign, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, including many children.


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