Minority Leader Pelosi mum on presidential endorsement

Despite heaping praise on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and clutching a two-decade friendship with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has yet to announce who she intends to support in the Democratic presidential nomination race.

Pelosi remains the lone holdout among Democratic leaders in Congress from publicly endorsing either Mr. Sanders or Mrs. Clinton.

“I will make an endorsement, and I’ll decide when that is.  But I won’t be telling you that right now,” Pelosi told reporters in May.

In refusing to offer backing to either candidate, Pelosi joins President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Al Gore, all of whom have remained quiet about their intent.

Pelosi’s silence is no riddle:  The California Democrat never endorsed either then-Senators Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Pelosi did endorse Obama after he won the nomination.

Although Pelosi has refused to back either primary candidate, she has occasionally revealed who she favors for the nomination, with Hillary Clinton the benefactor of her most frequent compliments.

Pelosi has often stated Clinton is in the company of the best prepared candidates in history for the White House.

Despite stating she would offer an endorsement during the primaries earlier this year, Pelosi has remained quiet; the closest she has come to siding with either Mr. Sanders or Mrs. Clinton was a February comment where she admitted she expected Clinton to be the nominee.


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