Clinton wins Puerto Rico primary, Virgin Islands caucus

With two decisive wins over the weekend in the Virgin Islands caucus and Puerto Rico primary, Hillary Clinton moved closer the securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton took 84.2 percent in the Virgin Islands and 61 percent in Puerto Rico.  In contrast, Senator Bernie Sanders received 39 percent of the vote in Puerto Rico and mustered only 12.2 percent in the Virgin Islands.

By earning less than 15 percent in Virgin Islands, Mr. Sanders failed to to earn any primary delegates.

In both contests the former Secretary earned all of the Virgin Islands’ delegates, seven in all, and an additional 33 in Puerto Rico, extending her total delegate lead over Sanders to 1,812 to 1,521.

Including Clinton’s 548 pledged superdelegates, Mrs. Clinton grips 2,357 total delegates to Mr. Sanders’ 1,566.

The weekend victories now place Mrs. Clinton within 26 delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination.

Although June 7 is host to primaries in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and North Dakota and South Dakota, California is by far the biggest contest, holding 548 delegates.

According to recent polling in the Golden State, Mrs. Clinton holds a slight two point lead over Senator Sanders.


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