Vox suspends employee over pro-riot tweets

After delivering a series of stinging tweets on Friday encouraging riots in communities Donald Trump visits, Vox deputy editor Emmett Rensin was suspended by the website’s editor-in-chief, Ezra Klein.

Klein followed his suspension of Rensin with a statement posted on the publication’s site explaining his action and Vox contributor Matthew Yglesias submitted a piece condemning violence at Trump rallies.

Klein did not specify the length of Rensin’s suspension.

Mr. Rensin posted the tweets over the period of June 2-3, concurrent with violence directed at supporters of GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s supporters in California.


The personal has become the political and professional.

While some may interpret Mr. Klein’s immediate move to suspend Mr. Rensin as an eagerness to silence free speech, free speech does not include inciting riots or violence.

Others may condemn Klein’s response to Rensin’s curious activity and obsessions with Twitter as our society becoming yoked to political correctness.

While hardly distinguishing himself or his employer, Mr. Rensin’s tweets more closely resemble the drunken ramblings of a man perched atop a bar stool in some dingy gin mill than a celebrated writer with an influential website.

It is also worth mentioning Vox writer, Matthew Yglesias, penned a response to the violence at Trump rallies; however, his piece was less a condemnation of violence and more a warning to protesters their violent tendencies are granting Mr. Trump sympathy and may actually help solidify his popularity with voters.

In face of what a fellow employee had delivered through social media, Resnin’s suspension was likely necessary, but Mr. Yglesias’ effort fell short:  His essay should have stopped with a condemnation of violence without venturing into any perceived advantage for Mr. Trump.

Should Mr. Rensin choose to utter impurities upon the earth in the future, it is recommended he avoid social media.


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