Federal judge rejects Sanders supporters bid to extend voter filing

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup handed a victory to Hillary Clinton Wednesday by tossing a legal challenge brought by supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders demanding voter registration in California be extended one day prior to the state’s June 7 Democratic primary.

In his ruling, Alsup stated no laws had been broken in the organization of the state’s primary.

“The citizens of California are smart enough to know what their rights are, and smart enough to go into a polling place and say, ‘I’m a [no party preference-voter] and want a cross-over ballot.’  We don’t need to overeducate them with public [service] announcements that are going on anyway,” Alsup said in his decision.

Petitioners contended Independent voters were being deprived of their right to vote as the result of registration confusion and asked a blitz campaign of television and radio advertisements be run to inform unaffiliated voters of California’s open primary.

“[Unaffiliated voters are] being treated arbitrarily, and with a much higher degree of confusion,” said plaintiff William Simpich.

Alsup differed, citing that no legal precedent existed to parallel inaction would measure up to a violation of equal protection. Judge Alsup also declared plaintiffs waited far too long to file suit.


[RT News] [Photo courtesy inv.us]