Gov. Brown endorses Hillary Clinton despite bad blood with Bill

In a piece posted on his personal website intended to reach Democrats and Independents, California Governor Jerry Brown offered an endorsement to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton days ahead of the state’s June 7 primary.

Titled An Open Letter to California Democrats and Independents, Brown averred:

“For her part, Hillary Clinton has convincingly made the case that she knows how to get things done and has the tenacity and skill to advance the Democratic agenda. Voters have responded by giving her approximately 3 million more votes — and hundreds more delegates — than Sanders. If Clinton were to win only 10 percent of the remaining delegates – wildly improbable – she would still exceed the number needed for the nomination. In other words, Clinton’s lead is insurmountable and Democrats have shown — by millions of votes — that they want her as their nominee.”

“Hillary Clinton, with her long experience, especially as Secretary of State, has a firm grasp of the issues and will be prepared to lead our country on day one.”

In his missive, Brown praised presidential contender Bernie Sanders for his exceptional effort in the race and attacked Donald Trump for running a “dangerous” candidacy.

Brown, a three-term governor of California and former mayor of Oakland, ran for the Democratic nomination in both 1980 and 1992.

Similar to Mr. Sanders, who has vowed to remain in the race to become the Democratic nominee, Brown outlasted fellow primary foes Paul Tsongas, Bob Kerrey and Tom Harkin in 1992 and persisted against eventual nominee Bill Clinton until the convention, earning over 500 votes on the first ballot.

The primary race between Clinton and Brown grew acrimonious.  Brown was among the first to criticize Clinton for ethical lapses, first raising the Whitewater scandal, a land deal which saw the Clintons put up no money but gain 50 percent ownership of property and then take tax deductions for interest payments the couple never made, and referred to Bill Clinton as “the prince of sleaze.”

The primary race was marked by several testy exchanges between the two; one debate in Illinois was briefly derailed while the two engaged in a heated conversation after Brown accused the former president of directing Arkansas business to Hillary’s law firm.

Mr. Brown never endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992.



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