Speaker Ryan: Conversation with Trump good, productive

Commenting on a Wednesday evening phone conversation with likely GOP nominee Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said the two had a “good” phone conversation.

The House Speaker has yet to endorse the New York real estate mogul’s campaign for the White House.

“We had a very good and very productive phone call,” Ryan said to reporters.

Despite Mr. Trump clinching the GOP nomination last week and an increasing number of GOP congressmen and senators expressing a willingness to embrace the New York businessman, Ryan has withheld his endorsement, stating he has “no timeline” to endorse Trump.

Seen as an irritant to the Trump campaign, Mr. Ryan’s staff and Trump campaign officials are rumored to be in daily contact to resolve differences between the two men on a number of significant policy positions and campaign issues.

Several weeks ago, it appeared the row between the two would lead Ryan to abandon his role as chairman of the GOP convention.  After a public exchange between the two and Trump expressing hope the Wisconsin Republican would remain, Ryan stated he would carry out his duties in Cleveland.

As late as May 26, Ryan was adamant about Party unification in an interview on CNN’s The Lead,¬†telling host Jake Tapper he was not ready to endorse Trump.


[Reuters] [Photo courtesy AP/breitbart.com]