Trump sacks top campaign aide

Scarcely six weeks after assuming his role as national political director with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Rick Wiley was unexpectedly dismissed amid speculation his role induced strife among top officials in the campaign.

Accounts vary as to what inspired Wiley’s termination.

Reuters reports Wiley was terminated for failing to negotiate Nevada’s role in a fundraising agreement with the Trump campaign.  Sources have verified Trump dismissed Wiley at the recommendation of Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald, who blasted Wiley for neglecting to include the state in the fundraising plan.

Conversely, The Guardian revealed Wiley was given the pink-slip over a feud with Trump campaign operative, Karen Giorno, who heads the Trump effort in Florida.  Sources say the two clashed over dominance in the Sunshine State.  It is believed Trump favored Giorno’s expertise and attributed Trump’s resounding win in the Florida GOP primary to Giorno’s political competence and familiarity with state.

“Rick Wiley was hired on a short-term basis as a consultant until the campaign was running full steam. It is now doing better than ever, we are leading in the polls, and we have many exciting events ready to go, far ahead of schedule, while Hillary continues her long, boring quest against Bernie. We would like to thank Rick for helping us during this transition period,” read a statement released by the Trump campaign.

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for further comments on Wiley’s departure.


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