Internet pirate Guccifer pleads guilty

Marcel Lazar Lehel, the Romanian cybercriminal who operated under the alias “Guccifer” and who revealed the existence of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server, pleaded guilty to¬†unauthorized access of a protected computer and aggravated identity theft in federal court Wednesday morning.

Indicted in 2014 on nine counts, Lehel allegedly hacked into the private e-mail and social media accounts of dozens of Romanian and American politicians and social figures.

Dorothy Bush Koch, sister of former President George W. Bush, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Hillary Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal are among the public figures Lehel targeted.

It is also believed Lehel infiltrated social media and e-mail accounts of members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, author Candace Bushnell and actor Rupert Everett.

Lehel allegedly gained access to Sidney Blumenthal’s personal e-mails account and exposed correspondence with Hillary Clinton; the correspondence reportedly concerned events in Libya in 2012 and 2013.

Extradited by Romania on March 31, Lehel has been held in an Alexandria, Virginia, prison since.

From his prison cell, Lehel made the unverified claim to Fox News he had hacked into the private e-mail server of Hillary Clinton.

“For me, it was easy . . . easy for me, for everybody,” Lehel said, describing his alleged infiltration of Clinton’s server.

As part of a plea deal for a reduced statement, Lehel has agreed to cooperate with federal authorities in the future.

U.S. District Court Judge James Cacheris set sentencing for September 1.


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