Sanders Kentucky primary recanvassing results

The campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders requested a ‘recanvass’ of vote totals from the Kentucky primary on Tuesday to verify the count’s accuracy in a race former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won by less than half of one percent.

The official check was performed in all of the Bluegrass State’s 120 counties, starting on Thursday morning.

Only one delegate is at stake, that being in the Commonwealth’s sixth Congressional District — encompassing Lexington and the capital city of Frankfort, which Sanders narrowly lost by 500 votes.

“I think the point is just transparency, it’s not just about Kentucky,” said Sanders adviser Larry Cohen. “It’s about trying to create a context, now and at the (Democratic) convention, that these primaries and caucuses need transparency, they need to be authentic, they need to build confidence among voters, particularly younger voters, that this is not rigged.”

After the review was completed, state officials found no discrepancies from the original count, confirming that both candidates will be awarded 27 delegates. One more delegate will be awarded from the sixth district once the results are made official at the end of May.

“We are very pleased that we split [delegates in Kentucky],” Sanders said in a statement after the results were announced.

According to AP, Clinton won Kentucky’s Democratic primary on May 17 by 1,924 votes, but Sanders advocates became suspicious of the vote count process after the state’s chief election officer, Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes, endorsed Clinton’s candidacy.

“I think most people realize when you are elected secretary of state, you take your partisanship hat off”, Grimes said. “You come here to work for the people of Kentucky.”


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