Sanders commits to California debate; Hillary quiet

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders agreed Wednesday to appear on a Fox News-hosted debate and called on Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton to honor her January pledge to hold a debate in California prior to the June 7 primary.

“Both campaigns have been invited by Fox News to a debate. We have told the network that we would accept the invitation with the understanding that we can reach mutual agreement on the debate moderators, the format and other details,” Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, said in a statement.

Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said Hillary Clinton is “balking” at her promise to debate her Democratic rival.

The two candidates have not met on the debate stage since an April 14 meeting at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, days before the New York primary.

Neither Clinton not Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, would say whether or not Hillary would agree to debating rival Sanders.

Clinton maintains a pledged delegate lead over Sanders — 1,768 to 1,494 — according to AP.


Don’t look for Hillary to commit to debating the Vermont insurgent.

After her razor-thin win in Kentucky, if one chooses to describe a .4 percent margin a victory, Clinton will avoid debating Sanders the same way she has dodged the media on and off for the past year.

Worse for Clinton, California’s Democrats more closely resemble Oregon and Washington Democrats than Kentucky’s Democrats.  Mr. Sanders won easily against Hillary in Oregon, 56 to 44 percent; and in Washington, Sen. Sanders destroyed former Secretary Clinton by more than 45 points.

With absolutely nothing to gain and virtually everything to lose, Hillary will delay, make excuses and tip toe around Sanders’ request for a debate.  In doing so, Mrs. Clinton is handing Sanders a cudgel to strike the former Secretary of State over the head for abandoning yet another vow to engage in constructive dialogue on policy positions in front of a national audience.

Should Mr. Sanders or Fox News be in need of a tool to entice Mrs. Clinton to debate, a $300,000 check and a guarantee of hummus, crudite, bottled water and rectangular-shaped pillows, all the paraphernalia of a diva on an ego tour, should be considered to draw the reclusive Democratic front runner from her refuge.

The lure of money is irresistible to Hillary.

To avoid seeing her campaign crash and burn as it did against then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary won’t go near a California debate stage with Bernie Sanders.



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