Mitt Romney packs in anti-Trump crusade

Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is no longer involved in the conscription of an third-party alternative to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

“He thinks someone should run. That’s his role. That’s the beginning and end of it,” a Romney adviser told Yahoo.

Romney was widely believed to be seeking a commitment from Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse and Ohio Governor John Kasich for an independent run; both declined his overtures.

Romney, who ran for the GOP nomination in 2008 and 2012, and eventually become the GOP nominee in 2012, had been rumored to be a potential GOP candidate in 2016, but ruled out a candidacy in January 2016.

Speculation persisted throughout early 2016 the former venture capitalist was the GOP’s best third-party alternative until Romney ended hunches with a definitive announcement he would not be neither a GOP nor an independent candidate for president in a March speech at the University of Utah.

In his March 3 speech, Romney declared he would not run for the White House and proceeded to outline his position against Donald Trump in a stinging rebuke directed at the New York real-estate mogul.

Since his March appearance at the Hinckley Institute of Politics where he called Trump a phony, a fraud and stated Trump was “playing the American people for suckers,” Romney has been engaged with several GOP officials and conservative groups seeking an alternative to Trump.


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