Major GOP benefactor pledges $100 million to Trump election bid

Once skittish with the prospect of a Donald Trump candidacy, hotelier Sheldon Adelson, known to be a major donor to conservative causes, has endorsed the New York real-estate mogul and vowed to commit as much as $100 million to help him defeat the Democratic nominee.

Adelson is chairman and chief executive of Las Vegas Sands Corp., a casino hotel chain.

Adelson donated $93 million to super PACs, individual candidates Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney and 34 other congressional candidates in 2012.

Penning an opinion piece which appeared in the Washington Post, Adelson, in a clear reference to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, declared the alternative to Trump being sworn in as the nation’s 45th president is frightening,  and continued to aver:

“If Republicans do not come together in support of Trump, Obama will essentially be granted something the Constitution does not allow, a third term in the name of Hillary Clinton.”

Drawing parallels to executive experience serving as a corporate CEO as similar to holding elected office, in Adelson’s words “its chief executive and steward of the public’s money, Adelson expressed support of Trump and wrote:  “It turns out that is exactly what we are getting in Trump.

Mentioning a host of domestic and foreign challenges unmet or outright neglected by Mr. Obama, Adelson wrote “strong executive leadership” is what is needed most and urged reluctant Republican officeholders and donors to embrace Mr. Trump’s campaign.

Although Adelson vowed $100 million, it remains unclear how precisely the Nevada hotel magnate intended to disburse his generosity; it is speculated Adelson and his wife Miriam will donate the legal maximum to Trump’s campaign and will distribute what remains to super PACs which most are most closely aligned with Adelson’s political convictions.


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