Hillary money machine refuses to share largesse with state Democratic committees

For some politicians, campaign stops and fundraising affairs are a pastime of which they never tire.  For Hillary Clinton, seeking donations to extend the life of her bid for the White House is a hard slog involving retail politics which she despises.

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, Hillary’s fundraising hauls through the Hillary Victory Fund, set up in collaboration with 32 state Democratic committees, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary’s presidential campaign have eclipsed $61 million.

Despite Hillary loudly broadcasting a desire to bolster state Democratic committees with funds raised through her appearances, a negligible $3.8 million eventually made it to the state committees and, unexpectedly, of the $3.8 million given, $3.3 million was immediately shifted to the DNC, leaving state committees with a paltry $500,000.

FEC records indicate the Hillary Victory Fund passed $15.4 million to the Clinton campaign and rewarded the DNC with an additional $5.7 million in campaign donations.  Records also show $23.3 million raised by the Hillary Victory Fund aided her campaign and an additional $2.8 million was spent on “salary and overhead” and a further $8.6 million was invested in web advertising.

The alignment between the DNC, state committees, the Clinton campaign and the Hillary Victory Fund has led Clinton rival, Bernie Sanders, to level credible accusations of questionable fundraising activities against Clinton and raise the matter with the DNC.

More troubling than DNC lethargy over the dubious fundraising scheme, state party officials anticipating premium from the Hillary Victory Fund were never given advance notice of either the transfer of funds into bank accounts nor subductions which followed, even though transactions of this nature require consent.

One state party official revealed state committees are paralyzed with fear over possible reprisals should committee members lodge complaints with the DNC over the withdrawal of funds.

“Particularly the parties in states that are not competitive, they worry that the DNC won’t let them keep any of the money, but the historical reality is that they wouldn’t have gotten the money anyway,” the operative said.


There exist no better elucidation of the covetousness and self-indulgence of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

This “historical reality” the state committees experienced is elementary: Some people give, some take, and others both give and take. Hillary always takes.

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Hillary Clinton’s idée fixe with the Oval Office, the trappings which accompany residing in the White House and her peculiar engrossment with power have led her to fervently monopolize every bit of the resources, the money, the political talent and what else she is prepared to annex to secure her victory while refusing to share the wealth or opportunity with her party.

Hoarding cash is emblematic of Hillary’s arrogance.

The length of a Hillary Clinton campaign stop is always measured in momentary political benefits: The greater the booty, the longer Hillary is willing to linger.

In Hillary’s selfish worldview, the money is hers and not to be divided because she is a messianic presence, the eternal attraction, the one adoring fans turn out to see, to listen to and to cherish.

Unfortunately for those same fans, unlike donors to the Clinton Foundation, their concerns, cares and worries are of little bother to Hillary for the precise reason their contributions do not amount to the typical value which megadonors have bestowed.

Hillary’s sensibilities, as we know, are aroused only through the magnitude of donations and her thirst for cash incessantly outstrips the needs of state committees regardless of labor performed on her behalf.

If it is related to money and a Clinton is involved, it will not pass the smell test.


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