Texas secession motion approved by state GOP committee

A proposal for Texas to secede from the United States gained traction within the Texas Republican Party on Wednesday after the Party’s Platform Committee endorsed a measure introduced by the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) calling for separation.

The measure passed the Platform Committee with two-thirds of members voting in favor.

TNM president Daniel Miller stated:

“We have said this for years. The people of Texas want an open debate and a vote on the issue of independence. None more so than Texas Republicans.”

Describing the prime motivating factors for separation centering around “overreach” from Washington, D.C., the movement’s website dedicates its “why” page to grievances.

The TNM asserts 22 of 270 Texas county GOP commissioners favor secession.  This number has been disputed by an investigation from the Houston Chronicle, which received only 10 confirmations from local GOP chairmen in response to its April inquiry.

State GOP chair, Tom Melcher, questioned the number of county commissioners favoring the Movement’s proposal, saying he would be “very surprised” if it totaled 22.

The motion will now be put to a vote at the Texas Republican Convention, which runs from May 12-14.


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