Darrell Issa: Vote Trump or get Hillary

House Republican Darrell Issa delivered an impassioned plea to the GOP for members to fully embrace the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump, or suffer a consequence which delivers Hillary Clinton to the White House in a guest commentary in The Hill.

Titled Memo to Bushes, other GOP holdouts:  Get on the Trump Train, Issa trains his sights on elite establishment Republicans, the Bush family particularly, to rally around the New York real estate mogul’s bid for the White House.

Describing his experiences campaigning for former GOP candidate Marco Rubio as a unique occasion to acquire a first-hand account of the mood of the country, Issa recounted:

“While many voters told me they had different first choices than Sen. Rubio, there was one frontrunner they wouldn’t consider voting for in November. Donald Trump?  Not even close.  Hillary Clinton.”

Issa warned Republicans against spurning Trump from being the future of the party.

“They are pledging to never support the GOP nominee, walk out of the Cleveland convention and even run a counter-campaign with a separate Republican candidate as a third-party protest vote,” he wrote. “Makes for some interesting political math. How does half of a half make us whole?”

In one passage, Mr. Issa reminds readers of a long, endless string of scandals which have revolved around Clinton and implores George H.W., George W., and Jeb Bush to carefully re-conceptualize their current opposition to Mr. Trump.

“I am particularly hopeful that the Bush family of two presidents and a successful governor will reconsider and support the party that continuously supported them during trying times in the past,” Issa wrote.

Concluding his petition to Republicans, Darrell Issa called to attention the numerous economic and foreign policy challenges which have been left unattended or worsened under the Obama Administration.

Assuring readers a Trump presidency is more certain to bring relief to the economic woes which have magnified and multiplied under Obama, Issa settles a Trump White House is far preferable to Hillary Clinton, who he describes as “the personification of corrupt and unaccountable Washington.”


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy Politico]